The village Heralec lies on the northeast part of Vysocina on the foothill of the highest peak of the protected zone “Zdar Peaks” (Devet skal 836m, Zakova hora 810m). Heralec is for its advantageous position, close to nearly virginal wood, often sought starting point for curative and relaxation outing. There are educational trails on the Zakova hora hill with fragments of heaps for charcoal producing used by nearby glass works and iron-mill. The original products of this glass works were sheet wood glass and after that the blown glass in storied colourfulness and fancy smelted decor. The dominant feature is the church of St. Katerina built in Classical style on the south hill on the elevation of 660 metres above the sea level. On the opposite hill there is a primary school of pavilion type. The entrance is graced by Jan Amos Komensky bust. The bust is the last work of the sculptor Karel Lidicky. You may see there the new reconstructed timbered cottages as well. There are two ponds, Hatsky and Kuchynka, used for fishery and recreation bathing.
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